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Commercial Paper

The all new CapConnect+ Digital Platform
dramatically simplifies commercial paper issuing and investing.


We securely connect CP issuers with dealers & institutional investors, offering a simple and improved approach to conducting business


  • Better yields for investors
  • Lower net cost of funding for issuers
  • Empowers DE&I and traditional dealers
  • Live book building and monitoring
  • Streamlined clearing and settlement for all
CapConnect+ ... solves a pain point on the issuance side... — read more
joseph-nue Joseph Neu Founder and CEO, NeuGroup

Issuing direct to investors achieves a lower cost of funding that averages 2 bps for overnight CP and 6 bps for 30-day CP — learn more

The Board of Governors, The Federal Reserve System

Commercial Paper Issuers


The new CapConnect+ Digital Dealer Platform is designed 
to dramatically simplify your deal day.

Our exclusive Pricing OptimizerTM feature leverages real time demand curve data so you can optimize your amount and rate to achieve a lower cost of funding.


With visibility into the actual investors who buy your CP, the platform reveals new reverse inquiry opportunities that help align your cash flow with your largest CP investors. 

Commercial Paper Investors


Good news for CP investors looking for alpha.

We created the new CapConnect+ Digital Dealer Platform so you can buy CP directly from the most sought-after issuers, providing an opportunity for improved yields on your primary CP investments as issuers can share fee savings with you.


The new CapConnect+ commercial paper platform is simple, fast and efficient.  You can choose the exact maturity date to match your investment timing objectives and dramatically simplify your operations.  

Importantly, there will be no changes to the current clearing and settlement process, so onboarding is seamless.

Investors earn higher yields (~ 2 basis points) from direct issuance, capturing savings from avoiding intermediation costs — read the full report

The Board of Governors, The Federal Reserve System


Buyside Onboarded

Current on-boarded investors include Money Market Funds, State & Pension Plans, Insurance, and Corporate Treasury, with an aggregate AUM Over 

$7+ Trillion

Streamline Investor Relations and Grow Your Base

Introducing CapConnect+ Digital Distribution Platform

Commercial Paper Dealers


Boost Investor Relations & Profitability with Automation

Our low-touch investor management solution streamlines communication with both new and existing investors, freeing up your team to focus on securing those critical high-dollar deals.  This scalable system allows you to effortlessly grow your investor base without sacrificing valuable time and resources.

  • Maintain key investor relationships while efficiently managing new ones through an automated system.
  • Free up your team to focus on high-value deals by automating low-volume, standard transactions.
  • Increase revenue and profitability by scaling your investor base with minimal manual effort.
Data driven insights and analytics

Analytics & Insights

Powered by Kazë AI

Get a consolidated view of investment opportunities, track investments and maturity calendar on a centralized platform, and access commercial paper data and analytics warehouse. 



A secure platform purpose-built for Commercial Paper


CapConnect+ employs top-tier encryption, strict access controls, and robust cybersecurity measures for a secure platform. Our industry-leading security protocols and compliance standards ensure trusted issuance workflows and peace of mind for all users.

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Our digital dealer platform modernizes commercial paper by connecting issuers, dealers, and investors for lower funding costs and better rates.

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